Mujeres Brillantes' History 

It was an idea born of the belief that women networking with each other would impact positively on the idea of  putting women in leadership positions . The founders of the Mujeres Brillantes Association also believed that empowering women will give them the tools to be able to shine in the industry . 

The idea for the establishment of women's organization in the jewelry industry in Latin America was born in 2016 , when Brazilian jewelry designer Ali Pastorini who is also the Senior Vice President of the first Diamond Exchange in Latin America felt that something should be done to change the current scenario  of diamond, precious stones and jewelry sector . During a flight from Middle East to USA , after she attended another international conference where which was predominantly attended and dominated by men , she started to put together a plan to empower women though education , information, networking and uniting latin women's jewelers to have the chance to know each other and exchange experiences , knowledge , enthusiasm and passion for the business . 

Ms Pastorini understood that to make this dream a reality she would need to bring together women who have the same passion and desire to participate in bringing about a long overdue change.


The "Mujeres Brillantes" united into an association on June 23th 2016 during the first meeting of Latin Women's Jewelers happened in Panama City, Panama with 51 attendees coming predominately from latin countries such as Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela and also coming from Israel, Italy, Romania, Russia and Turkey in order to share experiences and present themselves as a united group to the jewelry industry. They particularly noticed the need for targeted communication on the female world - the main receiver of jewellery products and precious stones - and for divulging a gender perspective within the jewellery sector.

On October 27th 2016 thanks to a partnership with the Chamber of Commerce in Bogota , Colombia and also with the association Cluster Joyeria y Bisuteria leading by Mario Fontalvo, who is an active collaborator of the Mujeres Brillantes iniciative , happened the second meeting of Latin Women's Jewelers in Bogota , Colombia . During this meeting it was decided to officialize the association and Ms. Pastorini was elected President of the group .

Today, MUBRI ( Mujeres Brillantes ) members represent every facet of the jewelry and watch industries in more that fifteen countries around the Latin America and worldwide. Women's members are designers, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, media, or work in a wide range of organizations that serve the jewelry industry.

The promise and intent of MUBRI's founders has been preserved in its benefits, too. There are national and international networking events, educational programs with men and women expertises of the industry,  events in partnership with local Associations and constantly exchange of informations between the members. Other benefits including mentoring programs and promote the jewelry lines in our social medias and our Channel on Youtube, Mujeres Brillantes.
Mujeres Brillantes Association has the intention of be a source of support, education, and camaraderie for women working in jewelry-related industries. It also welcomes men who want network and volunteer with influential industry friends.


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